The Merck Crystal Pavilion


Title of competition: 
The Merck Crystal Pavilion

Design a pavilion for the ‘the innovation area of glass technology live 2018’ section at Glass Tech 2018, Dusseldorf, which exploits developments in dynamic glass manufacture and liquid crystal technology for both exterior and interior purposes.

Assume the pavilion will occupy (not necessarily fill) 6m square.

Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre (Internal).

Assume the pavilion will be demountable, capable of being packed into a 13m-long open-top container for shipment and re-assembly at other worldwide events.

Design constraints: 
Maximum height 6rm 

Exterior materials: 
Glass should be the major material used.

Interior features: 
Display design should make use of liquid crystal technology. Other features may be added as you wish.

For consideration: 
The distinction between exterior and interior can be as fluid or separate as you wish.

Energy matters: 
Strategies for energy generation through photo-voltaics (assuming external use) should be considered. At least 10 per cent surface area should be pvs

Other considerations: 
All forms of heat transfer ( eg shading, cooling, glare); and cleaning.


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